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Ladies – Lavender is the new “headache”

Posted on Monday, 28 February

Lavender has been used throughout history for its culinary and seductive qualities. Cleopatra famously used the lavender scent to seduce Julius Cesar and Mark Antony. The time has now come for you to turn those aphrodisiac qualities upside down. Today lavender is coming back into culinary fashion with the help of many celebrity chefs including James Martin and the Michelin starred Heston Blumenthal. Now it is your turn to bring this culinary herb into your kitchen and by doing so it will not be you who has to use the “headache” excuse. Instead the sleep inducing properties of lavender will… read more »

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When is the perfect time to plant Lavender?

Posted on Friday, 25 February

   You can see our lavender plants for sale by clicking here. When is the perfect time to plant lavender? We get this question asked a lot a Yorkshire Lavender – and I can understand why! At the beginning of the growing season when we visit plant centres and nurseries, we see plants appear, for sale in full leaf with lots of new growth – Be aware!  Often plants at this time of year have been grown in hot houses here in England and abroad.  (Sadly, too many plants arrive from foreign parts). It is tempting – and I have… read more »

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Lavender oil: potent antifungal effect scientifically proven

Posted on Thursday, 24 February

  When I agreed to write this blog, I wasn’t sure what subject I’d cover. Lavender is probably my favourite essential oil and I really have to be careful not to add it to everything: the creams and soaps I make, the cakes I bake, the carpet I clean… So I knew I wouldn’t have a problem to write about it.  I just couldn’t expect that, with the deadline approaching, I’d so fortunate to find about a study which has just been published on the respectable Journal of Medical Microbiology: Portuguese researchers proved the potent antifungal effect of lavender oil… read more »

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Lavender For Lovers

Posted on Wednesday, 2 February

February is here and in many cultures worldwide, men are begrudgingly beginning to price red roses and other bouquets for Valentine’s Day. Instead of spending an arm and a leg on the same old cut flowers, why not give the gift of lavender this year!? Long known for its intoxicating scent and brilliant blooms, Lavender has a rich history for being a romantic herb. A fragrant symbol of fidelity that lovers have exchanged as a token of their devotion for decades, lavender is still one of the most popular and versatile herbs today. Believed to possess the power to reveal… read more »