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Lavender, Beeswax and Samuel Pepys

Posted on Tuesday, 29 March

  These days, when we tend to buy everything that we need rather than make it for ourselves, it is easy to forget how many small, independent manufactories of household necessities there must have been in the 1660s in every great estate, medium town and small village, all worked by local people whose designs, recipes and methods had been refined over generations.  Household Polish was such a thing, to clean and brighten the woodwork in a room – perhaps the furniture, perhaps the wainscotting panels which lined many homes to protect their walls from damage by chairs being pushed back,… read more »

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Lavender Mead – or Metheglin

Posted on Monday, 28 March

  Lavender Mead  – or Metheglin Samuel Pepys, …his Diary, Thursday 3 October 1667: “The lady I pity, and her family. Having done with her, and drunk two glasses of her meade, which she did give me, and so to the Treasurer’s Office, and there find my Lord Bruncker and [Sir] W. Pen at dinner with Sir G. Carteret about his accounts, where I dined and talked and settled some business, and then home.” Well, if Queen Elizabeth’s tea is not to your taste, try Samuel Pepys’ mead instead, a fermentation of honey and water – or, more precisely for… read more »

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Lavender Tea for the Queen

Posted on Thursday, 24 March

  Because its name comes from Latin [lavare – to wash] we believe that the Romans brought Lavender to England. Before they did, it was not a ‘native’ plant. For a thousand years after that, it might have been grown by households or estates; but when the power and influence of Monasteries grew, the Monks grew Lavender – and not many other people did. After all, there are very strong Biblical references to it (usually known by the even older name of spikenard). Their monopoly of Lavender cultivation ended between 1536 and 1541 with the Dissolution of the Monasteries by… read more »

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Purple Day

Posted on Wednesday, 23 March

There’s certainly something about the colour purple as the ‘Purple Man of York’ can testify and now an official day has been marked in its honor.  Purple Day has been recognised as the global day of epilepsy awareness and is held each year on the 26th March. This year Lavenderworld is proud to both support and celebrate the day by donating 10% of sales taken on the day to the worthwhile charity. Purple is a colour widely recognised for its use throughout history. Most associated as the colour of Royalty, purple is also used to represent Lent and Advent and… read more »

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My Purple Pal

Posted on Monday, 14 March

  My Purple Pal by Julie Short I always have Lavender in my bag wherever I go. It’s my purple pal, for use when I’m feeling down or stressed, for when I have a wound that needs a styptic (stops bleeding) or when I want the place I’m in to be free from bugs. It’s also got a lovely smell. I’ve been an ardent fan of Lavender for as long as I can remember. I’m very into essential oils as a whole, but Lavender is one of those oils that seems to tick all the boxes in terms of being… read more »

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Add two drops and relaaaaxxxxxxxx

Posted on Thursday, 10 March

  Over the last 8 months, I have been battling breast cancer.  There is now quite a bit less of me than there was when I started, and I’m not just referring to my hair loss.  Two weeks ago, I had my last chemotherapy treatment, my prognosis is good, and I have a final bout of reconstruction to look forward to before starting endocrine therapy as the last part of kicking cancer into touch.   I’ve always been a bath girl, not a shower woman.  Showers have their place, but in my book you can’t beat a good old soak… read more »

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Does Your Man Know He is Wearing Lavender?

Posted on Wednesday, 9 March

Lavender is used everywhere in products nowadays but one place you may not have realised is in men’s aftershave. We have listed below a number of the most popular male fragrances which include notes of lavender. Does your man wear any of them?

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18 Cool Table Mats

Posted on Tuesday, 8 March

Here on Lavenderworld we sell a number of items which some people would describe as not exactly conservative. The Purple Place Mat is one such item. We therefore decided to create a list of some of the most wacky placemats out there. Enjoy!

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The Purple Man of York

Posted on Monday, 7 March

If you have ever been to York then it is highly likely that you have seen this ‘Purple Man’! He is usually situated on Stonegate and by the look of his money tins, he does very well out of the tourists!

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FREE Worldwide Delivery on Lavender Oil

Posted on Friday, 4 March

We have begun to take many requests from people around the world who would like to buy this lavender essential oil. We are pleased to announce that from today we will be taking orders for it from outside the UK. To order from abroad, please contact us