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Fill Your Garden with September Sunshine

Posted on Sunday, 25 September

As the night’s draw in and we sit on a darkened patio of an evening relishing the scents of the garden plants while the cooler breeze forces the leaves from the trees, we’re quite melancholy thinking of a season ending and our beautiful annuals making their last show. However, although spring came early this year meaning flowers have died off a little prematurely, there are many ways we can extend the season, and with the help of a heavy knitted jumper and some fingerless mittens we can carry on appreciating our gardens for months to come yet. A popular pastime… read more »

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To Plug or Not to Plug? That is the Question!

Posted on Saturday, 17 September

Many people are scared of plug plants, the cost is higher than buying a packet of seeds and they seem so tiny and delicate, yet others have cottoned on to the many benefits plug plants offer. As we drift into Autumn and our gardens turn into deep shades of orange gold and red, we’re already thinking of the spring that will surely follow winter, and as the plugs adorn the garden centre shelves promising that spot of colour before you’ve even had a chance to open your lobelia seeds, thousands of us are snapping them up ready to create our… read more »