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The Winter Garden Tool Box

Posted on Friday, 25 November

With winter approaching many gardeners think they should be hanging up their tools, lubricating them and protecting them in a bid to put them to sleep for the winter and not bring them out until the snowdrops appear in the first flushes of spring. However, there are still quite a few jobs that the tools may have to endure, and if this year’s winter is on a par to the last two, the garden toolbox is one staple the home is unable to live without. There are essentials that should be in every gardener’s toolbox, and these will become multi-functional… read more »

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Jobs to do in a Winter Garden

Posted on Tuesday, 15 November

You may think there’s not much to do over winter however you are quite wrong, the garden with its blanket of leaves and sleeping shrubbery still needs your care and attention, and if you’re hoping to get off to a stress free start in the spring, it’s a good idea to add a little organization to proceedings too. Take a Good Look at the Garden Shed The Garden shed, unless you’ve had the time to clean all tools after use, and store everything neatly, will probably be looking like a bomb’s hit it right about now. Do you have plant… read more »