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Dont Dismiss the Delights of Dried Flowers

Posted on Wednesday, 14 March

If you’re aged between 20 and 50 you probably view dried flowers as dusty ornaments your mother or grandmother used in a bid to brighten up a corner of a room. Of course initially these added colour or fragrance, however our prejudice is not against the dried flowers themselves but the amount of time they would sit there gathering dust. Now, however, freshly dried flowers have a myriad of aromatic and therapeutic advantages, gone are the days of a vase on a lace doily, now dried flowers are hip, romantic and luxurious. Add a French Flavour In France some delis… read more »

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March The Month of the Annuals

Posted on Friday, 9 March

Finally March is here and now all of us green fingered folk can enjoy some serious gardening time. As we plan and prepare our borders and vegetables patches we know that in only a few months’ time we’ll be rewarded with wonderful colourful displays and harvests fit for an organic king. March is the perfect time to sow the year’s annuals, as we’ve impatiently waited until those rectangular seed packets depict the month we’re in, now we can break them free and scatter and sow until our hearts delight. The old favourites are still the best and some are even… read more »