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Rain Rain Go Away

Posted on Friday, 27 April

We all expect a few showers in April; however these last few weeks we’ve been afforded with more rain than we’ve seen all winter, making this the wettest drought in history. We know that natural rainwater is the best thirst quencher for our plants, but too much of a good thing can also hinder their progress and make us frustrated after we see our hard work unravel. Herbs in particular despise a water logged soil, enjoying a free draining position, they soon wilt when sat in puddles, and as the month drifts into May, we notice the weeds are multiplying… read more »

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Enjoyable Jobs for the April Gardener

Posted on Thursday, 5 April

April is a wonderful time of year for any gardener, as winter comes to an end; plants seem to compete against each other growing fast and revealing their true beauty. It is also the month when the lawnmower revs up for a summer of cutting the grass, an enjoyable task that leaves lawns looking lovely along with giving the spring aroma of freshly mowed grass. There are numerous jobs to do in an April garden however here are some of the most enjoyable for you to look forward to this month. The Vegetable Garden This is the time of year… read more »