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How to Encourage Gaming Addicts into the Garden

Posted on Monday, 18 February

With the rise of technology many parents worry that their children don’t play outdoors as much as they used to. Ironically, children today would rather tend to a virtual garden on a Nintendo DS than step outside and experience a taste of the real thing. The trick is to catch them early before they’ve discovered the addictive power of gaming media, however, if this time has already passed, don’t despair there are ways to help them get some fresh air.   Don’t Beat Them – Join Them If your children are in love with video games, start by introducing ones… read more »

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The Vegetable Seeds you Should Always Have in Your Seed Tin

Posted on Tuesday, 12 February

If you’re a keen gardener and have well-meaning friends and family you’ll have no doubt received one of the shabby chic seed tins as a gift. If you haven’t you will probably own a Tupperware box, a box that used to contain plant food or an old seed tray that keeps your packets of seeds all in one place. Some seeds will stay there unopened for years as they are either packets we’ve bought on the spare of the moment or freebies we’ve gained from our gardening magazines and never got round to trying. Some will be rolled at the… read more »

Whats in Your Vegetable Patch this Year?

Whats in Your Vegetable Patch this Year?

Posted on Thursday, 7 February

(A personal blog from a keen gardener) We’ve been growing vegetables for a decade yet every year we learn something new. It’s now a tradition that when the weather is cold and the ground is frozen, we’ll draw a vegetable patch “map” and plan what we’d like to grow this year.   We always endeavour to reduce the amount of waste as every year we inevitably have too much of one crop and not enough of another. Last year we had an abundance of broad beans but not nearly enough fresh peas. I also try to throw in something new… read more »

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How Gardening can help you combat SAD

Posted on Friday, 1 February

SAD or seasonal affective disorder affects almost twenty per cent of the population from autumn until late spring. It is a form of depression that is due to the shortened daylight hours during the darker seasons. It is not just native to the UK; anyone anywhere in the world can suffer from it although obviously, those living close to the equator are less at risk. Scientists believe it’s the lack of natural light that is the problem while others think it’s the lack of vitamin D, a vitamin we receive from sunlight. Whatever the cause there is no denying that… read more »