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Choose Lavender for a Healthy Immune System

Posted on Thursday, 21 March

The healing powers of lavender have long been known and used across the globe. For many generations and in so many cultures, one of the major benefits is how lavender helps restore an immune system. Taking a recent study for the American Chemical SocietysJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it has been found that”inhaling the fragrant compoundlinoloolmade stress-elevated levels of neutrophils and lymphocytes, both key parts of the immune system, return to near normal levels. Lavender was cited as the plant which has the highest concentrations of linalool.” For more on this and a wider range of healing properties when… read more »


4 Great Essential Oils During Pregnancy & Early Motherhood

Posted on Thursday, 21 March

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and many other health and beauty treatments to enhance the mood of users. Known for their calming and soothing properties, they are perfect for the various stages and stressful phases of pregnancy that transition into early motherhood. With this in mind the article “Essential Oils To Ease The Transition From Pregnancy To Motherhood” (over at MindBodyGreen) gives great tips and insights into 4 wonderful essential oils for just the right time and situation during this difficult but ultimately rewarding experience in your life. Not just discussing the wonderful properties of lavender essential oils, but… read more »


Lemon & Lavender Blancmange

Posted on Thursday, 21 March

Taking a classic dessert and giving it a vintage twist… Emma Muscat shares her recipe forLemon and Lavender Blancmange. A beautiful idea combining two harmonious ingredients that balance flavour perfectly. Use the finest gradeculinary lavenderto make sure your dessert matches that of Emma’s, and follow her expert guidance throughout the recipe and method of preparing such a stunning pud! Thank you so much for sharing Emma (and Talk TV)


Take a Trip to Yorkshire Lavender

Posted on Friday, 15 March

Set in the Howardian Hills, Yorkshire Lavender is a multi-award-winning lavender farm, gardens and specialist plant nursery. It is our pleasure to partner with Yorkshire Lavender to provide customers around the world with the most diverse yet highest quality range of lavender products on the market. If you are ever in the area or want to make it a day out, visit this spectacular hillside farm. Offering a stunning backdrop and panoramic views of the Vale of York, sit back and enjoy the surroundings in EJs Team Room, wander through the beautiful gardens and enjoy the deer and sculpture parks.… read more »


Choose Angustifolia Hidcote This Spring

Posted on Thursday, 14 March

A great choice for any garden this Spring and Summer,Lavandula angustifolia’Hidcote’is an extremely versatile and fragrant variety of Lavender. Rich in essential oils henceforth used in many high quality perfume ranges and aromatherapy, Hidcote provides an ambience and fragrance to sensually stimulate every type of garden. A beautiful variety of lavender because of its distinctive deep violet flowers, Hidcote is a bushy dwarf evergreen which remains a hardy feature in Autumn and Winter. As an individual shrub or hedge, and being evergreen, Hidcote is filled out year round. In Spring and Summer it is also highly attractive to bees because… read more »

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Mother’s Day Gifts that Show You Care

Posted on Monday, 4 March

At LavenderWorld we adore Mothers Day as we believe all mothers are naturally beautiful, thus confirming our ethos of bringing only products as nature intended to you and your home. Every gift we sell has been sourced especially with purity, the environment and sustainability in mind so you know when choose a LavenderWorld product; you’re giving something extra special. Something Special This untainted approach blends brilliantly with Mothers day as to many of us our mothers are pure, they deserve a little indulgence and they need to know just how much you care. Along with the range we have online… read more »