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Using Essential Oils alongside Cancer Treatment.

Posted on Wednesday, 26 June

Many people who suffer with cancer turn to more alternative remedies to help them when they receive radiation or chemotherapy. Many experts believe the age old art of aromatherapy can be extremely effective in managing the anxiety, stress and restlessness which is associated with the more conventional cancer treatments. Essential oils can boost your immune system, fight off colds and bacterial infections, improve circulation and relieve headaches and digestion problems. Many patients feel that aromatherapy makes them feel better and it is something that they can do themselves. You can add essential oils to an oil burner and water at… read more »


Lavender Animals Add Colour to the Garden!

Posted on Monday, 24 June

Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/116882552800547124/ By Martina Mercer It’s been a busy month at the North Yorkshire Manor House, as we made the decision to stay. Suddenly as the sun came out we were overwhelmed with the beauty of our home and the extortionate outgoings seemed to be worth living in this Moors retreat. Once we made up our mind it was all hands on deck turning this house into a home as we’d previously held back believing we’d find somewhere a little less expensive to heat! Out came the rotavator for the veggie patch, out came the laptop to browse through… read more »


The Benefits of Bedding Plants

Posted on Saturday, 22 June

Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/387872586627833360/ I used to avoid bedding plants as much as possible as the annual nature made me believe they were not great value for money. However over the past few years I’ve been converted and now as well as bulbs, herbs and perennials, bedding plants have pride of place in all of my borders. There are a few reasons why I changed my mind: 1) The Speed of Growth Every gardener loves to watch plants grow and bedding plants offer this in abundance as they can quadruple in size in the space of just a month 2)… read more »


A Shabby Chic Shed for Zero Pence

Posted on Wednesday, 19 June

Decorating the garden with paint is not high on the list of many people’s priorities as plants and flowers usually do this naturally anyway. However, in our garden, the plants are young with mature trees and nettles providing the only colour. As it’s quite large, the bedding plants have yet to make an impact and the tulips that did offer colour are now dying back before the gladioli take over, so in a second of madness I decided to let the children loose with some paint. The ducks have settled in nicely to the Wendy house previous owners left behind… read more »


June – The Perfect Month for Lavender

Posted on Monday, 17 June

    Lavender is wonderful at every point of the year, from giving comfort as an essential oil in the winter to ensuring a great night’s sleep in the autumn to keeping away pesky insects in the spring. However, in summer those of us who adore growing Lavender know that’s this is when it truly comes into its own. There’s no better feeling than sitting out in your own garden on a humid evening with the scents of fresh lavender floating on the breeze. The striking colours and fragrance add intrigue to any space, along with attracting the butterflies and… read more »


Making Your Greenhouse a Homely Green Haven

Posted on Friday, 14 June

Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/113575221825585958/ We spend so much time in our greenhouses yet overlook the potential to personalise the space but a greenhouse with a bespoke touch can enhance your hobby further and even add to the aesthetics of a garden. Of course work in a greenhouse is usually focused on production and results as it’s the return on our investment in time that urges many of us to return again and again. Those who have embraced the greenhouse as a place to relax as well as work find that productivity increases and even on the darkest days the greenhouse still… read more »


How to care for your dog naturally using essential oils

Posted on Wednesday, 12 June

Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/258464466087341366/   As a dog owner I often wonder what is in the treatments and products which I use on my dog. I am sure every owner feels this way at some stage, given the spotlight which is on products which we ourselves use I think we are far more aware of what is used in products nowadays. There are thousands of products on the market aimed at our precious pooches, whether its the monthly flea and worming treatments or the dog shampoo (when you have a cocker spaniel who is very partial to rolling in anything this… read more »


So Many Varieties: The Best Springtime Lavender

Posted on Monday, 10 June

Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/234609461811037471/ Summary: There are so many varieties of lavender that sometimes it is confusing which ones are best in the springtime, which are the easiest to grow and which is the best lavender variety for an English garden. This mini lavender guide to the best springtime lavender will help. Despite lavender being most commonly recognised as being the purple hued flower that is seen on perfume bottles and across gardens in the UK there are actually over four hundred recognised varieties of the plant across the world. Most are located in and around the UK and the rest… read more »


Your Best Choices for Summer Herbs

Posted on Friday, 7 June

Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/147352219027746341/     Summary: Herbs make all the difference in your kitchen and your garden. Growing herbs couldn’t be easier and their many uses make them very popular. With so many mint plant varieties and sage herbs to name a few it is wise to do a little research on which summer herbs are the best choice for you. There is nothing nicer than walking into a kitchen to be hit by the smell of an herb infused chicken meal, lavender cookies or a mint tea. It is no fluke that herbalists were kept busy for so many… read more »


How our Fresh Flower Bouquet’s make a difference

Posted on Thursday, 6 June

      At one point or another I am sure we have all missed a meal, whether we have skipped breakfast or forgotten to eat lunch. The one main luxury we have is that if we were to forget a meal, we would always be able to find something in our cupboards or pop down the shops to replenish, this is something which is taken for granted on a daily basis. We work alongside the Friends of Chinsta NPO who set up The School Feeding Scheme project to address the needs of children attending rural schools in South Africa.… read more »