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The Insiders guide to Gardening tools

Posted on Wednesday, 31 July

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/434527064017854173/ As children we spent our time “gardening” with our hands, normally with our parents busying around us with their shiny, sharp and dangerous tools , well dangerous to a 5 year old who is currently eating their body weight in mud! Over the years gardening tools have hardly changed, aside from a snazzy new hand grip their functions are almost identical to tools of 1000 years ago. As I grew older and definitely keener on taking care of the garden I realised that my hands were no longer up to the job! The thought of pruning a rose… read more »


How do I grow Lavender? 6 Secret Tips to ensure your Lavender Thrives!

Posted on Tuesday, 30 July

  Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/490188740661649164/ Lavender is known for its beauty, delightful fragrance and its endless amount of uses. Many people try on countless occasions to grow it, only to have it wilt or not turn out as expected. If you follow our advice, your lavender will be flourishing in no time! It is commonly thought of as quintessentially British, yet lavender actually originated on the coastal hills of the Mediterranean, where sunny days are the norm and their soil is rather dry. This is where it can be very easy to over water your lavender. Buying your Plants: When you purchase your lavender make sure that… read more »


How ethical gardening can help you live a better life

Posted on Monday, 29 July

  Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/558516791258673076/ With us consumers being increasingly aware of our carbon footprint, it is time we make our gardens “greener”. I am sure that at some point, like me your garden has become more of a plastic plant pot graveyard than an oasis to relax in! But fear not there are alternatives! Biodegradable plant pots are a great way to make your garden eco friendly. Instead of the mountain of plastic you can now purchase plant pots which last a few months and can be planted straight into the ground, these will break down and add lots of lovely… read more »


The Best Summer Fragrances for Diffusers

Posted on Friday, 26 July

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/411586853415507103/ We’ve all been enjoying a glorious summer, as the sun has done us proud. With scent being the most memory invoking sense, what scents will remind you of summer 2013? This summer I’ve gone a little diffuser and oil burner mad as I’ve tried out a lot of essential oils to bring calm, energy, peace and freshness to every part of the home. I’m not content with a single fragrance as our house is large and so I use four different diffusers for different parts of the house. Keeping the Bugs Away I’ve noticed that burning oils also… read more »


Lavender, the staple of the garden!

Posted on Thursday, 25 July

  Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/53832158018910477/ Lavender is one of the most versatile plants that you can have in your garden. It is there for when you are feeling poorly, tired, hungry or even if you have a small cut or graze. If fresh lavender is not available to you, there is still the choice of dried lavender or even Lavender Essential oil. One of my favourite things to do with lavender is to make lavender sugar, I use it in homemade drinks, adding to lemonade, in my tea or even in some homemade cocktails. You can even add Lavender Sugar to some… read more »


Hosting a Kid’s Garden Birthday Party

Posted on Tuesday, 23 July

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/84231455500582447/ As many of you know this time last year we moved house to a tumbling manor on the edge of a traditional village. Although we could keep our eldest at secondary school we had no option but to move the primary school of our 8 year old daughter. Although bigger than her last school, she found it difficult to fit in as many of the children had grown up together from an age as early as birth. Although her grades improved dramatically she needed to make some new friends so we promised her an extra special party this… read more »


Tips and Activities to Calm Children Down

Posted on Monday, 22 July

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/162692605259330507/ Children by their very nature seem to have endless supplies of energy. Of course, this shouldn’t be stifled however sometimes it can be a little too much and we need to find ways to calm them down. A calmer child is always easier to handle and promoting quiet time makes the bedtime routine so much easier. Here are some activities to calm children down, along with some traditional tips for promoting a great night’s sleep. Reading It doesn’t matter how old your children are reading will always calm them down, whether you read to them or them… read more »


Home Made Cordial with Lavender & Elderflower

Posted on Friday, 19 July

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/43769427601552254/ These last few weeks I’ve suddenly began to appreciate the Elder tree. Usually I curse this creeping weed as just one shrub can take over an entire border as shoots pop up everywhere. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve tried to minimise spread through weed control fabric, weed killer and good old fashioned digging but it always comes back. Our garden has four elder trees, the ones in our tiny forest don’t bother us much but the one on the drive has made a mess of one particular border. I’ve actually given up with this… read more »


The best Lavender for you

Posted on Thursday, 18 July

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/11118330301718694/ From the compact, sweet white flowers of the Angustifolia ‘Arctic Snow’ to the stunning, bright mid-blue flowers of the Intermedia ‘Old English’ and everything in between, there is most definitely a Lavender for everyone! We often get asked what the best lavender is to suit certain needs, for instance what is the best lavender for bees? Well the short answer is most lavender’s with a nice strong scent will have the bee’s flocking to your garden to sample the yummy lavender you have provided them with, after all lavender is one of the most bee-friendly plants you can have… read more »


Enjoy a fantastic day out at Yorkshire Lavender!

Posted on Wednesday, 17 July

We often get asked when the best time to visit Yorkshire Lavender is. Well with the weather being nothing short of Mediterranean (even warmer in some areas), coupled with the Lavender being in bloom now through to September is the time to fully appreciate the delightful scents and sights of the Lavender Farm. There is not only the Lavender Farm but also a spectacular specialist Plant Nursery, a Lavender Maze, Sensory Garden, Themed Gardens, Sculpture Park, Natural Wild Flower Grassland Meadow, and the award winning EJs Licensed Tea Room and Restaurant, you will certainly not run out of things to… read more »