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5 Ways Lavender can change your life.

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/393853929883225019/ Lavender is such a versatile plant, not only is it beautiful plant with a delightful aroma it has an almost endless amount of uses. We have picked out a few of our favourite uses for lavender below.  Using Lavender in your Food and Drink – Dried Culinary lavender can be added to almost anything! Lavender Shortbread accompanied by the delightful Blueberry and Lavender lemonade is one of my favourite afternoon treats. For more recipes check out our recipe page – http://www.lavenderworld.co.uk/lavender-recipes Brightening up your garden – Planting Lavender not only brightens up your garden but it attracts bees… read more »


Wedding Favours that keep Growing and Growing

Posted on Thursday, 22 August

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/5911043231329501/ Being in the middle of planning my own wedding various things keep popping up. The big things obviously, dress, venue, honeymoon etc. but the one thing I have been having trouble with is my favours. Now having been to a few weddings this year, I noticed that some of the brides had opted out of favours, which is fine, but I wanted to offer our guests somewhat of an alternative to the normal sugared almonds. One of my concerns is will my guests even notice the hard work I (and several very kind bridesmaids) have put into the… read more »

essential oil being applyed to water

Favourite Essential Oils for Shorter September Evenings

Posted on Monday, 19 August

  Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/517914025868142310/   There is nothing quite like the scent of summer flowers through the long summer days however September and early autumn soon comes around and many of these heady scented flowers bed down for the winter and their scent is lost until the next spring. Fortunately using your favourite essential oils for September evenings ensures that the fragrance is anything but lost and that you will be able to ward off the gloom that comes with darker nights and colder weather. Essential oils have been used for centuries in the home and even for medical care.… read more »


Adding Lavender to Your Autumn Bouquets

Posted on Thursday, 15 August

  Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/543528248748375471/ The wedding season primarily takes place between the late spring and the end of the summer. While these dates are perfect for then jetting off for a summer honeymoon and there is a better chance of good weather on the day, it also means that venues book up very quickly and far in advance. More and more brides and grooms are choosing an autumn or even a winter wedding which opens the door to a range of new and exciting wedding themes and presumably makes it easier to book that much wanted venue. Autumn weddings are especially… read more »


From killing a Cactus to thriving Lavender!

Posted on Tuesday, 13 August

(Please excuse the Cocker Spaniel, as you can see he loves the lavender as much as I do!)   I am willing to admit that I have not always been the most accomplished of gardeners, I am sure I may have been able to kill off an artificial plant if given half the chance! I remember moving into my first home and being given some type of cactus from a very dear friend, now almost everyone I know is aware of my lacklustre gardening skills, so they assumed even I couldn’t kill a cactus. Unfortunately several months later the cactus… read more »


5 Ideas for Late Summer Decorations Using Lavender

Posted on Monday, 12 August

    Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/99923685452430738/   When summer starts to wrap up it is time, around the end of August to the beginning of September to trim back the lavender in the garden. This will encourage the lavender to bloom as brilliantly the next year and keep your garden under control. Some varieties of lavender become quite brackish if they are not trimmed down which ruins the picturesque effect of these beautifully fragrant plants. Having trimmed back the lavender gardeners are left with twigs and lavender flowers and there are many ways that these may be used for late summer decorations… read more »


Keep the Fragrances of Summer Flowing With Pot Pourri

Posted on Friday, 9 August

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/55380270389425720/   There is nothing quite like the heavy yet sweet fragrance of a mix of florals when heat from the sun warms the petals and the air is delightful scented. Flowers and plants help to build the very essence of summer, with their colour, the insects they attract and of course their delightful scents. Sadly summer doesn’t last nearly long enough for most people and before we know it the temperatures start to drop and the flowers start to fall asleep, ready for the long winter sleep. Thankfully we needn’t forget our floral mid-year scents until the next… read more »


Planning Ahead with Raised Beds for Winter Vegetables

Posted on Wednesday, 7 August

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/395331673510543636/    For some reason we’ve never quite got the hang of ensuring we have home-grown produce all year round. Although we’ve tried something usually hinders our progress. Flood damage has made our parsnips soggy, a couple of feet of snow killed off our winter turnips and the rabbits, being short of food elsewhere made short work of our cabbages. This year we’ve vowed for it to be different. Although last October I did plant out early peas and beans but saw no sign come spring? This year we have a plan and it’s definitely going to work.… read more »


Why I Add Lavender Oil to My Washing Powder

Posted on Monday, 5 August

  Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/68046644340023697/   Ever since I was a little girl I have adored the smells that drift out of a launderette. Although these are now not as common as they used to be I still love it when I walk past one in a city. It’s the combination of that clean fresh scent along with the softeners that somehow comfort and reassure. Despite using copious amounts of softener at home I could never mirror the launderette aroma. The launch of wash powders with added softener, in a range of fragrances made me believe I may finally have the answer.… read more »


What to do with your Lavender in August

Posted on Thursday, 1 August

Image Source, http://pinterest.com/pin/131097039125331175/ August is an important time of the year for Lavender, as the flowering season is coming to an end and it needs a little TLC to ensure you get a good bloom next year. Why August? The reason why August is so important is because it is the hottest month of the year. In the UK some may disagree with this, however the soil has had a lot of time to warm up over the summer, and so for plants, this is when they take the remaining energy before the frosts occur. Trimming in August ensures that lavender… read more »