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Lavender Oil: Your Guide to a Truly Natural Sleep Remedy

Posted on Thursday, 26 June

With our ever increasing schedules, commitments and daily distractions, such as the weekly shopping list, home improvements, bills and work related stress, it is a wonder that we actually manage to sleep at all! Whether you have a new baby whose schedule is to wake you up at 3am, your worried about a new promotion at work or if you suffer from insomnia finding something that helps, that doesn’t have a list of ingredients that resembles a chemistry project can seem almost as unattainable as a good nights rest, but fear not, there is a natural alternative that is known… read more »


The Perfect Summer Toddy

Posted on Tuesday, 10 June

With Summer finally upon us it is time to crack out the summer beverages. Lavender lemonade is a firm favourite for both adults and children, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more bite then there are hundreds of delicious summer inspired recipes. Now Summer wouldn’t be Summer without relaxing in the garden with a tasty beverage. This summer toddy is perfect if you’re relaxing and it can even be magnificent if you’re having a garden dinner party, or just the girls over for drinks, however you decide to serve this drink one thing is certain, you will… read more »


The Perfect Homemade Father’s Day Treat

Posted on Wednesday, 4 June

With Father’s day just around the corner you may be struggling to think of the perfect gift to give, however fear not, we have the perfect thing for any dad, especially one who loves a sweet treat. The beauty of a homemade gift is that it is friendly on the pocket while being completely personal and above all, extremely thoughtful. So, how can you create these mouth watering treats? Well, these Lavender, honey chocolate bars are super simple to make, with a handful of ingredients and some effort, your father’s day gift will be ready in no time, if you… read more »

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Lemon & Lavender Biscuits For Your Pooch

Posted on Tuesday, 3 June

I’m sure at one stage or another we have experienced the chaotic hurricane that is an over excitable dog, whether this is due to missing his morning walk or maybe he is just an excitable breed, whatever the reason, we are pleased to tell you that we have found the perfect yet tasty treat to chill out any pooch! I myself have a cocker spaniel, who is about to turn 3 and is just as excitable as the day that I brought him home, I can walk him for miles and the only thing that is exhausted is me! I… read more »