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Curing any Winter Bugs: Health Boosting Lavender Lemonade

Posted on Saturday, 24 January

This winter there were a multitude of bugs doing the rounds, some people were even unfortunate enough to be ill over the Christmas period. If you were one of the unlucky few who were unwell and are still feeling the effects then our health boosting lavender lemonade is just the ticket! There are hundreds of over the counter medications that you can use to help you through, however, with our recipe the ingredients are all natural and can help you get back to your normal healthy self in no time. This recipe can be created within minutes and on top… read more »


How to Revitalise your Skin with Lavender

Posted on Wednesday, 14 January

  With the festive season in our rear view mirrors, it’s time to take stock refresh our skin for the New Year. I’m sure we all over indulged ever so slightly over Christmas and as delicious as it may have been, our skin tends to be one of the things that suffers, but there is no need to panic, we have a fabulous face mask recipe which will calm and reinvigorate your skin. It is the perfect remedy when your skin needs a pick me up, or just as a treat once in a while. The lavender has wonderful calming properties… read more »