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Spring Clean – Pruning Lavender ready for Summer

Posted on Wednesday, 20 April

Lavenders need pruning annually to ensure they keep a tidy, uniform shape but also to promote new growth through early spring, this will aid the growth of those beautiful, fragrant flowers in the summer. Failure to prune these elegant shrubs will result in a woody, spread out and old-looking appearance and less of the flowers we desire. It is important to allow the lavender time to establish its roots through the first summer, this will give it the best chance of being as strong as possible; if we were to prune lavender too early, it will put more focus into… read more »

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Lavender – Mythical and Magical or just Beautiful and Pungent?

Posted on Wednesday, 30 March

It seems that lavender has been a plant of interest for centuries, used by populations all over the world, with many discovering new uses and passing this knowledge down whilst trading resources. The Arabs, Greeks, and Romans; as well as English and French royalty used lavender extensively for the different proposed benefits it brings.   It is thought that the Arabs were the first population to farm and distil lavender; they believed that it could ease the nervous system, reduce stress and helped them achieve a deeper sleep. Arabian physicians swore by lavender for its ability to clean wounds, kill germs… read more »

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Colours of Lavender

Posted on Tuesday, 22 March

  With the beautiful spring weather expected to make an appearance any time now (fingers crossed), it’s the perfect time to add the vibrant and vivid colours that Lavender plants bring to our garden; and don’t just think of the traditional purple colour, different varieties can introduce beautiful, gentle pinks and elegant whites.   Pink The delicate pink of Angustifolia Rosea (height 60cm) can bring a subtle but beautiful variation of traditional lavender, with its unmistakable shape and fragrance, Rosea is a great choice to add colour to a hedge row or used alongside the more traditional purple plants and the… read more »


3 Ways to Add a Lavender Touch to Your Home

Posted on Thursday, 21 January

We’ve all been there, after the festiveness of Christmas has faded and our homes are empty of festive decorations and displays, we begin to look at ways to brighten up our home, without a bauble in sight! It isn’t all about decorations, there are a whole host of ways that you can bring lavender into your home, from the best lavender latte to perk up your mornings, to a truly decadent body lotion that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. We have listed some of our absolute favourite ways to bring lavender into your home below, so get ready… read more »

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Made with Love: The Perfect Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted on Monday, 2 February

February is the month of love, and is there a better way to say ‘I Love You’ than with a handful of homemade gifts and sweet treats, there is even a pinch of lavender in every recipe we will be sharing today. On the 14th of February people can go a little nuts with purchasing lots of gifts and cards, but you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to show your love on this most romantic of days. We will be sharing our top 3 recipes, that are not only super simple to create but extremely friendly on your… read more »

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Curing any Winter Bugs: Health Boosting Lavender Lemonade

Posted on Saturday, 24 January

This winter there were a multitude of bugs doing the rounds, some people were even unfortunate enough to be ill over the Christmas period. If you were one of the unlucky few who were unwell and are still feeling the effects then our health boosting lavender lemonade is just the ticket! There are hundreds of over the counter medications that you can use to help you through, however, with our recipe the ingredients are all natural and can help you get back to your normal healthy self in no time. This recipe can be created within minutes and on top… read more »


How to Revitalise your Skin with Lavender

Posted on Wednesday, 14 January

  With the festive season in our rear view mirrors, it’s time to take stock refresh our skin for the New Year. I’m sure we all over indulged ever so slightly over Christmas and as delicious as it may have been, our skin tends to be one of the things that suffers, but there is no need to panic, we have a fabulous face mask recipe which will calm and reinvigorate your skin. It is the perfect remedy when your skin needs a pick me up, or just as a treat once in a while. The lavender has wonderful calming properties… read more »


A Festive Message from Us

Posted on Thursday, 25 December

Christmas is a time of year to be thankful and a time to make special memories with family and friends. Here at Lavenderworld we have quite a lot to be thankful for and its all thanks to our lovely supporters & customers. Whether you have had a sneaky peak at one of our blogs or made the occasional purchase we just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for your continued support. So, from us all here at Lavenderworld, it is with much appreciation we say Thank You and we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas… read more »


A Winter Warming Mulled Wine with a Pinch of Lavender

Posted on Wednesday, 10 December

With Christmas just a matter of weeks away, it is time to get festive and nothing says festive like mulled wine! Mulled wine is one of those miracle beverages that not only warms your soul, but it is effectively Christmas in a mug. It is the perfect treat while you’re wrapping presents, preparing Christmas dinner or just because. This recipe is absolutely scrumptious and the pinch of lavender really does make all of the difference. The delicate fragrance of the lavender really sets this mulled wine apart from the others. So, now onto the fun part, creating this winter warming… read more »

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A Tasty and Warming Ginger, Lemon & Lavender Festive Hot Toddy

Posted on Tuesday, 2 December

Ginger, Lemon & Lavender Festive Hot Toddy    Serves: 1 large glass or 2 small ones Christmas is hands down one of my favourite holidays, spending time with family and friends is the best part, but a close second is the delicious food and drinks that can be created at this time of year. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our favourite drinks, nibbles and food for the festive season, from cranberry, brie and lavender mini parcels to the perfect lavender gin and tonic. Today we’re sharing a delicious hot toddy recipe that will warm your soul!… read more »